Mosaic parties for children using a wonderful array of colour and gold veined mosaic tiles
We cover most areas within the M25 but if we don't cover your area you can order a mosaic party kit containing all the materials needed for 10 children and full instructions for parents/carers.
For more information or to book please contact Sarah Perkins on 020 8241 4371 mobile 07796846466 or use our form.  We look forward to hearing from you.

mosaic parties for children -

fun and creative

These parties are VERY popular with 7 to 12's!

We'll come to your home or other party venue and bring a wonderful array of colour and gold veined tiles.

We'll supervise and guide each child to create their own mosaic masterpiece!

They can choose from a photo frame, mirror or coaster and everyone takes their completed item home.

Cost from £11 per child. Suitable for 6+. Party lasts approx. 2 hours.

Our workshops for children follow the same format as parties and are ideal for schools, after-school clubs and holiday schemes. Session approx. 2 hrs. Cost from £5 per child.

mosaic activity / party kits - we run mosaic parties in Surrey and Middlesex. If we don't operate in your area why not hold your own with one of our activity/party kits?

Each kit contains all the materials you'll need to run a mosaic party for 10 children, including a fabulous assortment of colour and gold veined mosaic tiles, base items (photo frames or coasters, mirrors available soon), adhesive, grout. Also included FULL instructions and handy tips for a successful party.

We also supply individual photo frame and coaster kits, ideal for holiday and rainy day activities.  Photo Frame and Coaster Kits £8.99 each including delivery.  To order fill in the form or contact Sarah.  Choose your own colours!

Cost £55 per kit (includes UK delivery). To order - telephone 020 8241 4371 or mobile 07796846466
or use our contact form . Allow 14 days for delivery.

Mosaic Parties and Workshops for Children
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tel 020 8241 4371 mobile 07796846466.